Medic air systems, Inc. will not perform a service or transport or use a product, unless it can be done in a safe manner.

Medic air systems, Inc. requires all employees to perform their duties safely and with concern for the safety of their fellow employees.

Management is committed to providing a safe place to work, the proper protective equipment and a work environment conductive to a safe practices and policies.


Management believes that working safely promotes quality, productivity and profitability. Avoidance of accidents and injuries is of critical importance to the individual and his/her family. The company is committed to an on-going safety program to help employees avoid injuries.


Safety protects our most important asset… Our People

Kevin Taylor

President Medic Air Systems



January 2012


At Medic Air Systems Inc., we believe that integrating safety and health into our every operation is of the utmost importance.  The health and safety of our employees is the first consideration in our operations.

To this extent, Medic Air Systems strives to comply with all applicable laws and regulations that govern our operations.  We conduct our processes and operations in a manner that reduces, or eliminates, the conditions that are unhealthful, or could cause injury to our employees.  Our employees are consistently reminded to report unsafe working conditions to Medic Air Systems management, to better be able to alleviate these conditions where they may exist.

Our quality or production goals do not supersede the safety of our employees.  With this in mind, Medic Air Systems management and staff have implemented a Safety Management Program.  This program provides for:

  • The continual commitment of improving safety at our workplace
  • Employee awareness and training with regard to safety issues
  • A commitment to visitors, neighbors, and our community to lessen or eliminate any safety-related issues from our corporation that could impact them

Within the scope and applicability of our Safety Management Program, Medic Air Systems has established a goal to have injury and illness incident rates below the industry average.  To accomplish this goal, we ask each of our employees to commit not only to their own safety but to the safety of their co-workers and their community as well.


Kevin Taylor

President Medic Air Systems


Ryan Lobrot

Safety Officer Medic Air Systems